The Best and Worst Celebrity Outfits This Week



The Worst:

This is Elizabeth Debicki at The Night Manager’s L.A. premiere. This woman is stunning and theoretically, has the figure to carry off anything, but…uh, even the Hiddles’ Jonathan Pine would run screaming from this dress. Is that what it is, a dress? Or just a bunch of fishnet tights sewn together and sprinkled with paper umbrella doilies?




Truth:  I would rather see more of Lena Dunham’s naked butt on Girls than whatever the fork this is. (Hint:  Never go full Grey Gardens.)



Charlize Theron went to Milan for The Huntsman:  Winter’s War dressed in my 12 year old’s black skort from Target and the beige-iest, blandest blouse her stylist could find, but someone had to get those shoes laced just right.  It’s hard being pretty, y’all.




Jemima Kirke paid Seth Myers a visit, and wore this monochrome ensemble.



She could have at least added a little color and flair…just saying.




The Best:

Let’s turn things around, now. Gal Gadot is quickly becoming my new crush. I can’t wait to see her in Wonder Woman, and this has a slick superhero vibe to it. Mind you, no real person I know could get away with it, but she does.




Great color, great dress. Uzo for the win!



For pure costumery (and enthusiasm) though, you just can’t beat these guys. They win EVERYTHING.





Cindy Davis

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