HBO Shares a Mother Lode of New Game of Thrones Footage: Check Out 3 Additional Season 6 Clips


In addition to that glorious new trailer HBO released earlier today (which you should definitely watch first), they’ve put up three short clips featuring Daenerys and the Dothraki, Sansa and Theon on the run, and Cersei ruminating over yet another child’s death with their father — her brother — Jaime. Oddly enough (to me) is the amount of empathy Lena Headey can still wring out of us. Yes, she’s suffered great losses, but whenever Cersei’s not been in the throes of such a loss, she’s brought nothing but misery to near everyone around her. Television Cersei is so much more sympathetic than book Cersei, due in no small part to Headey’s fine acting. As for the others, well, I think we can guess Theon and Sansa will be recaptured, but I also believe they’ll both have their freedom soon again, and Daenerys — from the look of things in the trailer, Drogon will soon be overhead. My fervent wish is she’ll simply call his name, and well, you know what happens.




See you April 24th.


Cindy Davis

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