Jennifer Aniston Probably Would Have Hit It with Jake Gyllenhaal Had She Known About His Huge…Crush


Of course Luke is Rey’s father! (via Twitter)

If you need more evidence, how about these tidbits from TFA‘s Concept Artist, Doug Chiang?  (HuffPo)

Paul Thomas Anderson (The Master, There Will Be Blood, Inherent Vice) directed Radiohead’s new video and I can’t hear you because I’m screaming and flailing (not unlike Thom’s dancing) that we’re so close to a new album…CD…whatever the kids are calling non-digital music these days. (NME)

Can’t stand waiting so long for the Gilmore Girls:  Seasons (really, that’s what it’s called) revival? Have a cuppa and peruse these new photos. Rory is all grown up…le sigh. (The Mary Sue)

Jennifer Aniston almost seems miffed that Jake Gyllenhaal didn’t make his big crush on her known. It’s all in the expressions, but I feel confident she would have hit it. Oh, Jake…don’t be so reserved! (Access Hollywood)

Meet Maray,the Serpukhov Museum of History and Art’s official doormankitty. After the an April Fool’s joke hit it big with the public, the Russian museum decided to hire Maray full-time. (Mental Floss)


CBS wants in on the true crime Making a Murderer/Jinx television cashpot scene, and holy crap, I might have to watch this one. I was positively obsessed with the JonBenét Ramsey case, which if you didn’t realize, is still open. (THR)

Hands down, Nathalie Emmanuel won the Game of Thrones premiere, and our girl Sansa — aka Sophie Turner — looked stunning as well. (Tom + Lorenzo)

Speaking of GoT, in the new Season 6 trailer, did Tyrion just discover his own dragon and confirm another theory? (***Book Spoilers*** at HitFix)


President Obama will host Science Channel’s nightly news segment this week. In other news, I’m going to miss President Obama. (Mashable)




Elisabeth Moss and Gwendoline Christie are already filming the next Top of the Lake season! (Daily Mail)

How do you want your Monday cuteness therapy, through bunnies, or corgis? How about both! (Buzzfeed/Buzzfeed)



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