Supergirl Review: Kara Has Myriad Problems, But a Boy Ain’t One

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Supergirl, Season 1, Episode 19 “Myriad”

In what is essentially the first part of a two-part season finale, Supergirl becomes the latest superhero to face an ethical dilemma.

Plot Snapshot

After many hints and evil mechanizations Non lets Myriad loose on National City. After a trip to her cousin’s Fortress of Solitude, Kara discovers that Myriad was her Aunt Astra’s Hail Mary attempt to save Krypton from ecological disaster through mind control and a million monkeys + million typewriters = Shakespeare outlook to problem solving.

The Big Deal
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The whole city, including CGI Superman, falls under the control of the Myriad process, becoming thralls of Non. The only exceptions to this are Kara (whose brain hasn’t been totally rotted by TV), Max Lord (who invented a gadget to counteract the mind control waves) and Cat (who was unwittingly wearing a version of Max’s gadget disguised as sparkly earrings). Non isn’t doing anything particularly evil with the fine folks of National City, but it is extremely fascist, with no one having free will and are all tasked to find better ways to recycle and carpool and stuff. The devil on his shoulders, the Brainiac android, Indigo, is constantly exhorting Non to expand his horizons beyond Earth. Kara thwarts a jailbreak attempt at the DEO headquarters before rushing to CatCo HQ to see if she can get her friends to snap out of their trances. After debating for hours, Non shows up to Cat’s office to gloat and mess with Kara’s head. He discovers Kara likes people in this office so he sends Winn, Jimmy and a redshirt redhead to separate balconies and over the side they go. Kara rescues two of them (sorry extra we never noticed until this episode). Max has a plan in the form of a kryptonite dirty bomb that will should kill any Kryptonians in the city but also result in a few hundred thousand human casualties as well. Kara is nearly resigned to Max’s plan before Cat has an inspirational monologue about hope. The members of the newly formed Team Hope convince Max to abandon Team Genocide, and now the plan is to use one of Cat’s mothballed stations to hijack Myriad’s broadcast signal.

On the Side

4-12 alex

Alex and Hank are still on the run and decide to head to Alex’s mom’s place to lay low and plot their next move. There’s come initial anger since Hank looks like the evil Hank who killed her husband. Once that dust is settled, the scientific curiosity takes over and Hank is peppered with questions about xenobiology and whatnot. While taking their break, the duo discover what’s happening in National City. Alex is all gung-ho to head back to town to help Kara, despite the great possibility that she’ll fall under the control of Myriad. Hank relents, saying he can shield Alex’s mind from Myriad. Upon arriving at National City’s Abandoned Warehouse District, Alex and Hank are greeted by Indigo, who realizes Myriad’s intergalactic applications and has an axe to grind with the Martian Manhunter. Indigo eventually survives an explosion, gut-stabs Hank and takes Alex back to the Non-cave. Alex pleads with Non that Astra changed her ways on their deathbed, but he’s unconvinced. Instead he equips Alex with a kryptonite exosuit and sword and sends her after Kara.

Observation and Speculation

4-12 cat

*You have to love when this show gets meta. And shame on Harrison Ford for hitting Cat Grant even though he is married to a woman who looks very similar.

*Cat really doesn’t pay attention when she’s in the office. It was the first time all season none of her employees were drinking at their desks, boning in the closets or leaving for hours at stretch during the day and Cat was oblivious. It was easily the best day in CatCo Human Resources history.

*Also, does Cat get expensive jewelry sent to her anonymously all the time?

*The rogues’ gallery montage was a nice touch. But you’d think Maxima, Queen of the Planet Almerac, could do better than the busted-ass wig she was wearing.

*Just when you think you are finally going to see who they picked to play Superman, Clark gets 100 yards from Kara’s location before falling under Myriad’s spell. Oh well, there’s always next week.

*Blonde-haired moppets with glowing red eyes are creepy. I don’t care who you are.

*Alex nearly let it slip to her mom that her father is actually alive and a captive at Cadmus. Hank didn’t flat out say, “slow down this is a two-part episode,” but that was the vibe.

*There was more standing around talking than usual in this episode, but I think that’s because that 20 seconds of the floating robot Kelex ate up most of the episode’s VFX budget.


While “Myriad” didn’t rise to the level of Supergirl’s previous two or three outings, it’s still a far cry better than the first dozen or so episodes. The slight dip in quality stems more from the fact that this episode was a total setup for the season finale, which emphasizes the exposition and limits the action. It was good that Kara ultimately had to draw on her own experience to reach an important decision with falling back on Winn, Jimmy or the DEO for the solution (even though she did get a push in the right direction from Cat).

Craig Wack

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