CelebStagram: Game of Thrones Edition


In which I comb through the casts’ Instagram pages for the shots you don’t want to miss.

Lena Headey’s hopped up on chocolate, and as excited as we are for the series’ return.

No I won’t. ?? Two more Sunday’s people’s… That’s all … Hold on .. It’s a worth it’s I promises….

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Practicing the badass Sansa skills we hope to see in Season 6.

Fuck wit me Bruce Lee ???

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Presentation adjustments: that’s what big sisters are for?

itty, bitty titty committee

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Three nicely-faced gentlemen, including a beardy, nearly unrecognizable Iwan Rheon. Hey, maybe Ramsay’s not so ba…never mind. And, did we know about this?

I certainly didn’t know about this!

Daddy Bolton cleans up nicely (Michael McElhatton)


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70s Khaleesi

Nathalie Emmanuel continues her fashion reign.


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Ah, youth. Any idea which GoT-er this lass grew up to play?


On the show, she’s not known for her skills with children, but in real life she’s about to become a parent (with Guy Pearce). That is going to be one gorgeous baby who will not look like this:


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Mr. October…

Ha! Mr. October in the Game Of Thrones calendar 2016.

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Oberyn 5-EVAH! (PP with Taron Egerton)

And so it begins #Eggsy & #Jack #Kingsman2 #MARV #FOX

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