Gwyneth Paltrow’s Ego Can’t Even Let a Toddler Take Center Stage, and Is Choking Justin Bieber Art?



Hey, remember when The Martian was a comedy film and Matt Damon won Best Actor in a comedy or musical for his performance? Yeah, me (nor Ridley Scott) either. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association are wisely adjusting the Golden Globes’ criteria so that sort of silliness happens less. (The Verge)

A photo of Justin Bieber being choked after he put a cigarette out on his friend’s arm (all in fun!) is being compared to Renaissance art? This is actually damned amazing. (Distractify)

This weekend HBO and Cinemax are offering free previews (Friday through Sunday), so even if you’re not a subscriber, you can catch the opening sixth season of Game of Thrones, and the first 2016 Veep and Silicon Valley episodes. Saturday at 9:00 pm EST features Beyonce’s LEMONADE, and on Cinemax, you can check out Banshee. (HBO via press release)

Speaking of, need a quick Game of Thrones — 6-minute rapid fire — video recap of last season’s events? Here come the ***Spoilers*** (Blame it on the Voices)

Driverless pods are coming…to Singapore. (Mashable)

Meanwhile, back in America, the overnight Sleepbus seems to be our big travel innovation. (Boing Boing)

That two Justified alumni (et tu Olyphantypants?) are starring in that horrific looking Mother’s Day abomination is bad enough, but its immanent release means we’re being bombarded with Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson crap. Exhibit A:  Aniston is People‘s “World’s Most Beautiful Woman.” (Celebitchy)

Okay, whatever Gwyneth; we know you’re a big movie star and you have your own trainer and do dance cardio and all that shit. But put your ego aside and let the little kids have their moment in the limelight, will ya? It’s impossible to watch this and not catch all the Goopish preening — even James Corden knows to follow the kids’ unpolished routines. (via The Late Late Show…)

You guys, I think Lena Dunham really is trying to dress better! It’s not my favorite thing in the world, but it is an improvement. (Tom + Lorenzo)

Two….well, three (kind of) Doctors showed up at Wizard World this week! (Fashionably Geek)

Denzel has that western gunslinger thing down in The Magnificent Seven (remake) trailer, but I’m not sure I can take Chris Pratt seriously. Maybe we don’t have to? This looks just plain fun. (via The Mary Sue)

Is your coffee not quite hitting its hipster potential? How about a rainbow latte? Ooooh, pretty. (Mental Floss)

Not so sure how I feel about rainbow grilled cheese. (That’s Nerdalicious)

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