Maisie Williams Getting People to Act Out Game of Thrones Scenes Will Be Your Everything


***Spoiler Warning*** Extremely unqualified acting out of Game of Thrones scenes through Season 5 follows; if you’re not caught up with the show, stay and laugh your ass off anyway! ***

Watching this video left me wanting to hang out with Maisie Williams ALL THE TIME. The actress got a bunch of show-related merchandise to give away at a Hobby/Game store and absolute hilarity ensued. “Lorraine” insisted she was not, in fact, Maisie Williams, or Arya Stark, but better yet, she got many people to act out scenes. Her joy and enthusiasm is infectious, and that mischievous twinkle in her eye is full on as she pretends to know nothing about her character or the series. No worries; the patrons were happy to introduce Williams to some important people creatures, and play out a few key moments.

This lady’s a dragon.


Here’s faux-Daenerys riding a dragon.


Joffrey’s tragic wedding feast death scene…


And of course, no one can forget Cersei’s simulated-nude walk of shame.


Williams really is the best part of the whole set-up though. Her enthusiasm and love of the series’ fans is evident, and she has so much fun playing with the people who come in. Watch and let her smile and laughter infect your dreams tonight.

Cindy Davis

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