Naomi Watts in a Smart, Sexytimes Thriller Will Be Your Next Netflix Series Binge


If like most of us, you discovered Naomi Watts in David Lynch’s umpteenth mind frak, Mulholland Drive, you’ll hear this news and mumble to yourself, “It’s about damned time!” And though she’s proven herself a complex, infinitely watchable actress, somehow Watts’ career has drifted off to mundanity, but it looks like she’s ready to dive back into the type of roles we really want to see her take on (starting with Lynch’s Twin Peaks revival ).


Her strength doesn’t lie so much in ethereal beauty as it lives behind that mask; Watts knows how to subvert expectations, and give audiences a twist on what’s expected. In that way she reminds me of her friend Nicole Kidman’s early days in roles like Suzanne Stone (To Die For), and I’m thrilled to see Naomi getting back to her dark and twisty roots — and as the lead in a Netflix series.

Created and written by Lisa Rubin and produced by Sean Jablonski (Nip/Tuck, Suits, Satisfaction), psychological thriller Gypsy follows Watts’ Jean Holloway, a therapist who becomes intimately  (“dangerously”) involved in her patients’ lives. 50 Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson serves as the series’ executive producer, and she directed the first two episodes. Plot-wise that’s not a lot to go on, but it — and Watts — is enough to get Gypsy straight onto my can’t-wait-to-binge list, alongside another Netflix original, Stranger Things. That series hallmarks the triumphant return of Winona Ryder, who’ll star as the mother of a boy who mysteriously (supernaturally?) disappears.

Meet me by your streaming device July 15th (Stranger Things), and in 2017 (Gypsy).

Cindy Davis

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