Mads, Men &…Chicken?




Writer/Director Anders Thomas Jensen (After the Wedding, The Green Butchers, Flickering Lights) has worked with Mads Mikkelsen so many times, he keeps the actor in mind when he’s writing.

I always write something for him. I sit down and I think of him and I try do to a character for him.”

Only after Hannibal Lecter and Le Chiffre and One-Eye, you might not remember the last time you saw Mads being this silly. All floppy curls and unfortunately mustachioed, our favorite Mikkelsen is actually a damned funny guy. I’d gotten so used to him being a serious, fighting, killing badass, I almost died laughing when he made such an awkward kiss attempt in the trailer for Jensen’s latest, Men & Chicken. (Say what?) The only time I think about men and chicken together, has to do with men eating the birds, but I can ***Spoilerishly*** inform you that this film goes off on a very strange tangent (do not make the mistake I did and read about it!) you won’t predict. The film won Best Director at Fantastic Fest, and it’s finally set to open stateside tomorrow. And, we should probably pay close attention, because Jensen is also writing for that epic Elba/McConnaughey Dark Tower adaptation heading our way. But, really this is all merely an excuse to throw up a couple of ridiculous Mikkelgifs, and get you started on your merry weekend way.




This one’s my favorite, because even though he doesn’t quite have Hannibal’s poise, Mads knows a good thing when he sees it.


So do we.


Here’s the delightfully goofy trailer.


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