What If You’re the Asshole? Charlize Theron Talks About Difficulties with Another Actor



It should be illegal for Tom Hiddleston to parade around in suits, because I just can’t take it. I swear, I am not studying his…dressage.  Btw, if you’re not watching The Night Manager on AMC, kick yourself now, not so much because of the story, but because the Hiddles is excellent and wears all the suits. (Tom + Lorenzo)


Look, I never wanted that Blade Runner sequel either, but I do have faith in Denis Villeneuve…regardless, it’s coming, And, sooner than we thought — it’s just been bumped from January 2018 to October next year. (Variety)

To commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday today, HRH released several Annie Leibovitz portraits. The grandchildren are simply adorable, but no one can beat little George’s ever-triumphant smile. (via Celebitchy)


We adore Charlize Theron as an actress, and her Furiosa will be a badass for all eternity. But, why does she have so many problems with her peers? After the glut of publicity about not getting along (and that’s putting it mildly) with Tom Hardy during Mad Max:  Fury Road filming, Theron is talking about her problems with Cider House Rules co-star, Toby Maguire, and basically having to put a (mental) bag over his head. Ouch! (V Magazine)

This guy though, he’s for certain an asshole. Iggy Mothereffin’ Pop deserves better, and someone should have kicked him out on his ear. (Distractify)

Speaking of excessive ego, Mariah Carey recently held a party and asked guests to come as their favorite version of…her. Okay, I don’t even think Goop would go that far. (Vogue)

Mr. Robot Season 2 alert! Our friend Elliot Alderson returns this July, the 13th to be exact. All these months later, I’m still reeling from the whole

Darlene revelation.

We’ve seen the surge of popular TV shows being covered in podcasts, and it looks like the turnabout will be next to explode. HBO picked up After the Thrones; now The Walking Dead executive producer Gale Anne Hurd is shopping a horror podcast to networks. Aaron Mahnke’s Lore which covers real-life origins of ghosts, zombies, vampires and werewolves (among others) will be explored in an anthology format a la American Horror Story, with a mix of history and scripted scenes. Yeah, I’m probably all in. (THR)

Oh, to get hold of Freddie Mercury’s handwritten lyrics notebook! OH, I don’t think I have that much money! I’ll just stare at the pictures. (Mental Floss)

Have you ever considered how snake venom kills you? Uh, no…but thanks for sending my brain on this journey! (via Sploid)

Helen Mirren would like a snake tattoo, and for everyone to stop dwelling on her sexiness. Reading through this interview, it’s not difficult to understand why she tires of the focus on her physical features (UGH, that Parkinson comment). (Radio Times)

Thinking about what you want to imbibe during Sunday’s big premiere? Why, one of these fabulous Game of Thrones cocktails, of course! I’m leaning toward the Starktini, hold the Snow. (Buzzfeed)

Simple things for simple minds, as *they* say. I love punny Drewbacca. (Blame It on the Voices)


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