Archer Review: Barry’s Back! But He Forgot His Skin

4-22 termbarry

Leave it to Sterling Archer’s longtime nemesis Barry to spice up an already lively season of Archer.

Always a welcome sight (if not an increasingly frightening one), Barry was the engine that made this episode sing and give the all of the Figgis Agency a little something to do. If there’s one knock against this season is that it’s been especially Archer and Lana heavy, leaving the rest of the gang in the office to lazily twirl in their chairs.

Barry wastes no time as he poses as a cab driver to collect a hammered Archer off the street outside a tiki bar. Barry wants to hire Archer to help locate the birth mother who gave him up for adoption. The last time we saw Barry, he was blown up in a silo explosion so he’s lacking a certain amount of … skin.

When he first encounters Archer, he’s wrapped up in bandages like the Invisible Man (also making him a robot mummy with no mummy). Later on, when the office is hotter than hell while Cyril and Krieger are hacking California’s records database, Barry takes it all off to reveal he’s more Terminator than KGB spy these days.

4-22 crazybarry

Barry is a fantastic nemesis to bring back because he has such a history with the whole cast of characters. The more embarrassing parts, like Lana and Barry doing the deed back when he was more manly, are of course brought back up.

Most importantly everybody got their own little bit of business and be showcased in the episode. Cheryl falls for Barry because he’s the murderous robot of her dreams. Krieger and Cyril get to talk tech while hacking. Pam gets to jam pennies in the fuse box just like she was back on the farm. Getting all the characters involved (especially in the creepy Game of Thrones reference) gives Archer an added zip.

The MVP of the episode was most certainly Malory. Barry kidnapped Malory from her bed and left her in an underground bunker with 12 hours of air available as incentive for the agency to help him out. Malory calls back to her own spy days to free herself from the chair she’s tied to (Step 1, take the curlers out of your hair) and eventually the bunker itself. As an added bonus because everybody got all caught up in Barry’s reunion to actually rescue Malory, we’re to assume she maims a trucker who gets a little too fresh after she hitches a ride.


Tinfoil swans are not exclusively a New York thing

Barry is not Cheryl’s robot supervisor.

Pam is always looking for a reason to take off her clothes.

Who doesn’t love some tasty sports drank.

Are We Still Doing Phrasing?

4-22 archer

“There was some mention about holes?” – Lana. Phrasing, boom. Archer still doesn’t have his heart into it.

After Cheryl said she might be in love with robo-Barry, Pam: “I knew that was coming! (whispers) On my tits whaaat!”

“So there were a couple of holes …” in Archer’s electrocution plan. Pam “Wait … are we still doing –”

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