This Week Was Rotten, Let’s Find Some Fun

4-23 dogs

By all accounts, last week was a real bummer. For every ray of joy we got like Maisie Williams pranking Game of Thrones fans or a Marvel Lip Sync Battle, we suffered an avalanche of heartache with the deaths of Prince and the news Friday that Michelle McNamara, crime writer, mother and wife of Patton Oswalt, passed away suddenly at age 46.

To show we weren’t going to let the elevator break us down, I’ve surfed the series of tubes to find tidbits that might brighten your weekend a little. I’ve thrown in cute animal things for good measure. Share your own triumphs or the personal happy places you went to this week in the comments.

That cool header image comes from photographer Seth Casteel. He has whole books of shots just like them and a groovy web site. (

If you liked Netflix’s series Jessica Jones, you aren’t alone. It was recently earned a Peabody Award. (

Friday was Earth Day. We have the best damn planet in the neighborhood (

Minneapolis held an all-night outdoor dance party to honor their favorite son. (

The cast of Hamilton even got into the act. (

4-23 oliver

Elizabeth Olsen deserves an Oscar for her work in this clip.

Key and Peele have re-cut the trailer for their upcoming movie Keanu using nothing but cats. (


When was the last time you flew a kite? These would be fun. (

The immortal Joan Collins told a story about the time Frank Sinatra asked her out on The Graham Norton Show.

This kick-ass Sacramento, Calif., teen developed a seeing-eye robot to help the visually impaired. (

Science tells us that a G&T is better for your skin that Oil of Olay — maybe. (


The Obamas met the Royals (not the Kansas City kind) this week and the results were adorable as you would expect (

A TV crew filming for Animal Planet rescued an actual castaway. (

4-23 hippo

A Florida man caught a 400-pound fish with a lure he fashioned from a wrench. (

Sloths! (

Need a refresher on Game of Thrones before Season 6 kicks off this weekend? Here’s a Season 5 recap staged with kittens. (

May the feud between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel never die.

The guys behind those bad lip reading videos from the NFL are getting political. (

There’s actual science behind all those dog and cat videos we’re posting to the internet. (

Director Guillermo Del Toro wants to open his personal house of horrors to the public. (

4-23 hamster

This week’s The Simpsons couch gag is a retrospective of Disney’s animation styles through the years. (

Famous old people don’t care (about climate change). (

I’ll close with one of my internet happy places. Cats being jerks. Have a great weekend everybody.




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