Kelly Ripa Returns to Work; Daisy Ridley Shows Us What Work Really Is

4-26 rip

Kelly Ripa’s ego has been adequately soothed and she’s returned to her muli-million dollar job bantering with another human before noon. Such a trooper. (

Princes William and Harry may have done more than hug Wookies during their visit to the set of Star Wars: Episode VIII. (

Speaking of Episode VIII Daisy Ridley posted a video to her Instagram showing off some Jedi-adjacent skills. (

Disney claimed a bunch of future release dates that will include live action sequels for Maleficent and The Jungle Book. (

4-26 thrones

Sky is blue alert: a crap-ton of people watched the season premiere of Game of Thrones (

British pop tart and personality Rita Ora has smacked the BeyHive a couple of times with a stick. Social media is going to be the ruin of us all. (

Some 31 rolls of film from World War II have been discovered and developed. (

This machine is the perfect companion to your K-cup coffee maker. (

Being hungry on public transportation can’t be a fun experience. One British commuter beat the system …  with pizza. (

4-26 bunny

There are few things more adorable than a rabbit in a Sherlock Holmes outfit. (


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