Demi Lovato Cancels Shows to Protest N.C. Anti-LGBT Law

4-27 lovato

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas join the growing list of artists who has canceled shows over North Carolina’s bathroom law. (

Take note: the Shia LaBeouf look will get you punched in the face. (

Who knew Azealia and Azaleas of all stems don’t much like Lemonade? (

Prince left no will so it looks like almost half his $250 million estate is going to be gobbled up by taxes and legal fees. (

The Absolutely Fabulous movie has a trailer.

RDJ wore these pants to a premiere to distract people away from his lift shoes … we hope. (

Good news FOX is ordering a new 24 series. Bad news, Jack Bauer not included (

For those who missed it yesterday, Not Just Sports illustrated just how terrifying it can be to be a woman on social media through the eyes of two female sports writers.

The BBC has pledged become a more diverse place to watch and work. (

Hot Topic has trotted out another nerd-inspired clothing line. This time it’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens. (

A bushy bearded J.K. Simmons praises you in the most stern father way possible.

Forget your breading, grumpy-ing or your cheezbuger haz-ing, the latest craze in cat memes is the unflattering selfie. (


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