Paul Rudd in a Turquoise Jumpsuit is Exactly What Your Weekend Needed

4-30 rudd

The chief reason why Paul Rudd needs to be in more things isn’t because he’s funny, a good dancer, loves a good running gag or will strip down to his tighty whities whenever a director asks him to.

Paul Rudd needs to be in more things because he’s a near-perfect talk show guest. The dude spins a good yarn and brings his anything for a laugh with him.

This week he was on The Graham Norton Show where he discussed being in awe while shooting Captain America: Civil War.

If that wasn’t enough, Rudd went on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to recreate the Styx video for “Too Much Time on my Hands.” Here’s the original for reference purposes:

And here’s the version Rudd did with Fallon.

Pretty impressive. I wonder if Rudd kept the jumpsuit? You know for … reasons.

Craig Wack

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