Love Catastrophe? HBO Has Your Next Wicked Black Comedy Fix: Divorce


Catastrophe lovers, unite! If you like me, single-gulped down Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney’s brutally honest and strangely delightful trip inside a quickie marriage between two people who are basically strangers, get ready for stage 2 (actually 3, but we’ll get to that later):  Divorce. Thanks to my dear friend Katie, one of the few people who truly gets my comedic tastes, I dove headfirst into one of the best Britcoms ever made and didn’t come out until downing both seasons; and I can’t stand the thought of waiting for a third — thankfully it’s definitely on the way. Meantime, after reading this excellent Horgan profile (can we please be BFFs?) I discovered her other next project, HBO’s Divorce.

As the New Yorker piece intimates, if Horgan’s Pulling mirrored her life as a single woman, and Catastrophe (*ahem*) pulls from her marriage, we’ll all have to hope Divorce is less autobiographical. “The much scarier thing, no matter how bad your relationship gets, is the other option. It’s a thin line, but I’d rather be in the shit.” This time around, Horgan passed the main role on to a familiar HBO face, Sex and the City‘s Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Frances, a woman going through ***Spoiler!*** a “very, very” long divorce process with her husband Robert (Thomas Haden Church).


Even better than an ex-Wings-man is Frances’ burgeoning friendship — maybe more — with one of our favorite vampires and another familiar HBO face, Flight of the Conchords’ Jemaine Clement. YES MOTHEREFFIN’ PLEASE. (I may be nursing a serious crush.)


I like the idea of seeing Sarah Jessica Parker as an “icy, reserved, tightly controlled” character in stark contrast with Carrie Bradshaw, and spewing a bit of Horgan’s beautiful venom. When she pitched Divorce to Parker, Horgan included The War of the Roses trailer to set the tone, NewsRadio creator and writer Paul Simm is the series’ showrunner, and writing alongside Horgan (who’s also executive producing); what more could we want? Robert Forster and Tracy Letts? Sure! No problem.

Divorce also stars Talia Balsam, Molly Shannon and Sterling Jerins, and will air on HBO later this year.


Cindy Davis

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