Tom Hiddleston Danced with Taylor Swift at the Met Gala; That Is All


Y’all know one slice of Idris is NEVER ENOUGH. Have another, and another…can somebody send help, because I feel like I’m passing… (Tom + Lorenzo)

Michael Fassbender will play Austrian serial killer, Jack Unterweger in an adaptation of John Leake’s Entering Hades. Funny, I have absolutely no problem seeing him as a narcissistic multiple-murderer. (Empire)

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton made history with 16 Tony nominations, and it could finally topple The Producers (which has the most ever — 13 — wins). (THR)

The Russo Brothers talk Captain America:  Civil War (via Nerdist)

The 2016 Gumball Rally has scored a real-life Batmobile, thanks to some very wealthy people. (The Verge)

Louis C.K. created a web series with Steve Buscemi (and Jessica Lange), and then quit the internet. (Vulture)

***Game of Thrones Spoiler for S6, E2 “Home” Ahead*** Kit Harington reveals his secret code name on the GoT set, and if anyone had gotten hold of a script, it wouldn’t have been difficult to figure out. (Radio Times)

Maisie Williams has something to say about Sunday’s Game of Thrones and her brilliant sense of humor is killing me. (via Twitter)

OH.MY.GOD. Watch the Hiddles and Taylor Swift dance together at the Met Gala, and die with me. (via Instagram)


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If we all don’t want to fry, we have to stop the cow farts. (Gizmodo)

I recently flew out of Newark airport after waiting in the most chaotic TSA “lines” I’ve ever seen. The flight had to be held for nearly an hour because so many people hadn’t made it through security, and apparently 3 hour waits are becoming quite common. What I’m saying is, if you’re flying anywhere, prepare yourself for endless misery. (Boing Boing)

And now for your afternoon viewing pleasure, an epic squirrel chase. (via Mashable)


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