Agents of SHIELD Review: The Bloom Falls Off of Daisy

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Agents of SHIELD, Season 3, Episode 19 “Failed Experiments”

With the season finale just around the corner, Agents of SHIELD ratchets up the tension for another week to disguise the fact that the story has been circling since Daisy switched sides.

Plot Snapshot

Hive wants to build his Inhuman army and wants to take a shortcut to fill the boots. His mission is to find a way to circumvent the Terrigenesis process so he can turn anyone into a super powered soldier, no matter if they have alien DNA or not. Of course Coulson and the gang are there to try and stop them.

The Big Deal

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Given that this is the “Fallen Agent” storyline, this episode centers around Daisy. After she took mercy on Fitz an episode ago, Mack (and a majority of fans) believe that under Hive’s control spores, the Daisy we all know and like is in there fighting. She leaves some digital breadcrumbs for SHIELD to follow to their quiet little redneck, po-dunk, white trash mountain town, which seems to confirm that idea. Daisy’s behavior with Hive can come off as either a thrall basking in their master’s glory or a spy getting their target to give up intel, depending on their point of view. The long and short of it is Terrigenesis isn’t fast enough. Hive is looking to recreate the Kree experiment that made him the first Inhuman. The Kree changed an Aboriginal hunter into Hive by injecting their blood directly into him. Dr. Radcliffe, who Hive kidnapped last week, comes up with a version which he expects to work. However, it fails in a gruesome way. Hive’s Plan B is to go back to the source – use the orb and the Deus Ex Backpachina to call the Kree that changed him out of their orbital slumber. Hive tells Daisy that it’s her job to take one of the Kree alive since they need the blood to turn humans into Inhumans. After a battle of space axe vs. quake power, Daisy comes out on top. Her confrontation with Mack, who is in town as part of a SHIELD task force, doesn’t go as well. Mack tries to draw out the loyal agent he thinks is still there. Unfortunately, Daisy is a true believer in Hive’s plans. As a result, Mack ashes the Kree on the operating table and Daisy nearly kills him afterward. In the aftermath, Daisy is public enemy No. 1 now and she volunteers her blood for the experiment since she has Kree DNA in her after Coulson used Kree blood to save her life back in Season 1.

On the Side

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Lincoln has been a troublesome character since his introduction. He’s been a lot of angsty anger some lightning and not a lot else. However, he has improved a little since the Secret Warriors were introduced a few weeks back. Lincoln’s use of his powers has gotten better and more controlled. He’s slipped since Daisy went AWOL , unfortunately. He’s very much a man in love and is acting recklessly because of it. He harangues May in the hallway and that goes about as good as you might expect. In his efforts to help and/or ward off cabin fever, he starts to pester Fitz and Simmons who are still trying to find a cure for Hive’s parasitic control but need an Inhuman to experiment on. Lincoln volunteers without a second thought. To be honest, for someone who has completed medical school, thinking isn’t one of Lincoln’s best skills. In a fit of misguided heroicness, Lincoln injects the serum that Simmons made but believes it too dangerous to experiment with (all this is counter to a direct order from Coulson). The reaction kills Lincoln’s immune system as well as most of the electronics in the lab. He ends up in a security cell with an infuriated Simmons as his doctor/jailer. Lincoln better hope this works. As with the main plot of this episode, the lesson this week is you can’t rush science, even fake science.

Observation and Speculation

*Now that FitzSimmons have “crossed the event horizon,” their snarky exchanges have so many more levels. But bad form on Jemma bringing up Hogface Will the Astronaut – ex-boyfriends are out of bounds.

*As Jemma admits, shooting Ward is the most therapeutic thing the agents have these days.

*It’s been cool to see the show recognize that there are other agents in that building that serve in non-redshirt capacities. First there was Agent Doug helping out with a training run and now Agent Piper as a leader on the strike team.

5-4 may

*Excellent fieldcraft from May with Hellfire. Instead of coming with fists and feet a blazing, she plays a bit of a con with the tipsy Aussie Inhuman. She lets him boast and offer up information before letting his guard down so she can go upside his head with a pool cue.

*What did you think of the big blue marvels that were the Kree? They seemed a little oafish to me, and the fight choreography was a little stiff. But I’m not sure what else the show could have done with the time and budgetary restrictions of television.

*On the plus side of the effects department the Coulson time lapse study thing was pretty groovy.

*Hive seemed genuinely upset that Agent Piper blew a hole in his Matrix jacket. What do you think he’s going to tell Keanu Reeves when he tries to return it.

*Given there was no YoYo in sight this week and most of the action was in that small town, we are no closer to the space explosion of Daisy’s vision.

Words to Live By

5-4 jem

“Something you would have known had you asked questions – instead of going behind our backs.” – Simmons. Always, always ask questions before injecting an experimental serum in you all willy-nilly.


5-4 coul

While this wasn’t a full step back from the momentum the show has carried over the last few weeks, it didn’t exactly raise the stakes, either. Interesting things happened and there was some nice action, the overall story just circled in place. It’s not a surprising development given the nature of this kind of action

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