Lena Heady Feels Very Strongly About Who Must Not Be President, and Chris Evans Gets His Cojones Iced


What goes with Lemonade? Beyoncé is hardly the first artist to air relationship issues through music, and apparently the marital catharsis won’t end with her, either. Jay Z is prepping his side of the story.  (Vulture)

There’s only one reason to sit through a Jimmy Fallon video, and that’s to watch Chris Evans’ face when the ice water hits his balls private parts. (The Tonight Show)



Also, this little shimmy thing:


Speaking of the Cap(*obligatoryAss inserted here*)…


…look at these gorgeous dresses inspired by Captain America:  Civil War. (Fashionably Geek) p.s. We love you, Geek Girl Diva!

I didn’t see Saoirse Ronan’s Met Gala gown until now and frankly, I wish I never had. (Tom + Lorenzo)

Having problems with your music syncing, or songs or playlists disappearing from, or in between devices? Then you’ll be happy to hear Apple Music is getting an overhaul. (The Verge)

Here at Oohlo we’re doing our best to help you escape from politics, but when Queen Cersei speaks, we can’t help giving her proper attention. Lena Headey has very strong feelings about he who must not be president. (Mashable)

It is known:  Cats are weird. Now, science tells you why! (via Mental Floss)

I’m only slightly ashamed to say that I love reading blind celebrity rumors and trying to figure out who they’re about. This New York one has me stumped, though. Join me in my guessing! (SJP for the married woman?) (Lainey Gossip)

Patrice Letarnec’s photography will mess with your brain. (Laughing Squid)

You know which Royal Ginger really loves Star Wars, don’t you? Prince Harry says he’s a lot like his mother, and both these photos make me a little teary. (People via Celebitchy)


Look at all the cool deals on Star Wars merchandise you can get today! #MayThe4thBeWithYou. (Star Wars)

I could go broke on the 25% off R2D2 stuff, alone. (Hot Topic)

Switching franchises now, get a look at the incredible Jurassic Park replica Oliver Turpin created for Louie, his pet tortoise. Not for nothing, but be careful out there, Louie! Life finds a way, and if you run into a mini-raptor, remember to watch out for her hunting partner. (via Nerdist)

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