Tom Hiddleston Dances, Sings and…Yodels? Tom Hiddleston YODELS.


Tom Hiddleston yodels? No, I’m not talking about those disgustingly delicious, entirely artificial rolled-up “cake” and “cream” treats, I mean real, live actual goatlicious, Sound of Music-y yodeling. Speaking of, when is the Hiddles going to play Captain von Trapp? After seeing this, you’ll realize he can not only dance and sing, Tom’s fully prepared to duet The Lonely Goatherd with whomever might play (Tilda, obvs.) Maria.

In London to promote I Saw the Light, Tom stopped by a local guitar shop to get his Hank Williams on, Hiddleston proved he’s even more talented than we knew.

There’s some interesting discussion about artists exploring darkness through their music, and whether alcohol adds to or takes away from their creativity.

If (like me) country music isn’t really your thing, here’s a Williams rendition that might better suit you.

And, because no Tom Hiddleston post is complete without dancing…


(via The Guardian)

Cindy Davis

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