Jennifer Lawrence Could Still Use a Little Help Walking, and Kit Harington Says Jon Snow’s Getting a WHAT?


Add this to your Science Fiction Must See list:  Outlander and Battlestar Galactica‘s Ronald D. Moore returns to the genre, alongside Bryan Cranston, with a 10-part anthology series about the works of Philip K. DickElectric Dreams: The World of Philip K. Dick is coming to UK’s Channel 4, and Sony Pictures Television will cover worldwide distribution, which hopefully means Netflix or Amazon. (Channel 4)

Barbados recently held a design competition to make a superhero out of none other than super astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, and the entries are so fun and cool. Congrats to winner Alleyne Gulston, who imagined Tyson as “Astrun” from Saturn. (Nerdist)

Are you enjoying Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool? The gorgeous, quietly contemplative tracks have been lulling away my stress since Sunday afternoon, and “True Love Waits” has been waiting for its prime spot since 1995. Whoa. (Vulture)

Our love for Daisy Ridley, who doesn’t mind being real with her fans, knows no bounds. Here she is being adorable again, “spot cream” and all. (Instagram)

Despite some wonky sewing, JLaw looks amazing at the Studio 54 Reopening London X-Men:  Apocalypse premiere, but she could still use a little help walking. No worries, Jennifer; it only makes us love you more!  #Klutzes4LyfeUnite (via TDM)

And I don’t really care if Idris’ BATAs bowtie is a little crooked, he’s still Idris! In a suit! Be still my…parts. (Tom + Lorenzo)


Baby Gosling number 2 has arrived, and little Amada Lee (named after Eva Mendes’ grandmother) has helped make Daddy Ryan’s life more “fun and great” than he knew it could be. (People)

Ozzy Osbourne is apparently still a handful; I’m guessing after 33 years, it’s possible Sharon has finally had enough. (Celebitchy)

This will take Alien fandom to another level. Get your knit facehuggers here! (Boing Boing)

I don’t know if Jon Snow will get a pink letter from Ramsay, but Kit Harington says he’s definitely getting a…man-bun. (Radio Times)

Ever wondered if PBS’ Antiques Roadshow gets it wrong? Here’s a spectacular fail, though it is a compliment to a 1970s high schooler. (Mental Floss)

It’s Deadpool DVD Release Day! Getcher RyRey on as many times as you like. Unfortunately for Japan, the film hasn’t even hit theaters yet (June 1), but they are already preparing. (Nerd Approved)



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