Archer Review: Bet Your Bottom Dollar This Was an Instant Classic

5-13 archer

This week’s Archer went on a magical trip to the 80s with their take on the teen virginity loss comedy movies that were the rage at that time.

Now, the crew of the Figgis Agency are far from teens (and further from virgins), so this romp was framed a little differently. A movie producer and his wife meet separately with different factions of the agency – the husband with the guys and the wife with the ladies. They believe their counterpart is being unfaithful and ask one of the investigators to seduce and videotape the other in flagrante delicto.

The 80s movie part kicks in when each side tries to determine who will bite the bullet and sleep with their targets for $20,000. Ray, Sterling and Lana all disqualify themselves for various reasons, and a contest is born. Ray bets he can get Cyril to seduce their target, while Archer backs Krieger. On the ladies’ side, Lana backs Pam (despite her overgrown ladygarden) and Malory bets on Cheryl. Winner gets an extra share of the money.

From there, Archer gives us one of the most quotable and the most laughs per minute of any episode so far this season. We get the obligatory makeover scenes where the seducers look more deranged at every stage and the bettors keep trying to double the wager.

When it’s finally go time  Krieger looks like Bob Ross had a child with mid-70s jumpsuit Elvis. Cyril is CHIPS-era Erik Estrada in a green leisure suit, Cheryl has Farrah Fawcett hair, hot pants and a tube top and Pam looks like she’s straight off the set of the first run of Dallas with feathered hair and a yellow mini-dress.

The plan unravels when the two sides meet each other in the lobby of the hotel they are supposed to meet their prey in. The whole affair is an elaborate sexual fetish game (that Cyril seems waaaaay too familiar with) set up by the producer and his wife.

With the fun spoiled the only left is to start a fight, which Archer does by throwing the jar of Barbicide he’s been drinking at the producer’s bodyguard.

Stray Thoughts

*Once again Cheryl is more on the ball than she leads on. She made the initial phone messages vague because she wanted to see where it was all going to lead.

*Callback alerts: Malory answer to fussy children is bourbon, Cheryl still huffs rubber cement (Gluella DeVille),

*Those pink Sherlock Bones flyers have generated a ton of business.

*Not exactly phrasing, but Ray’s “at least our best five inches” reply to Archer’s best foot forward comment was high-five worthy.

*Obscure reference of the night: Wheeler and Woolsey – a vaudeville comedy duo from the 30s.

*Krieger was classic in this episode. The afro paired with the random karate moves was a fantastic running gag.

*What is the street value of 10 drams of vole’s blood? Asking for a friend.

Craig Wack

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