Name the Skarsgård – A Mini Quiz


Though much of the world may not have discovered the full extent of the Skarsgård family until after they met Alexander in HBO’s True Blood, Stellan’s legacy has actually invaded many of our favorite movies and television series. Think you’ve got a good handle on which sibling is which, and who starred in what? Take our Skarsgård mini-quiz and discover how deep your Swedish-loving roots really go.


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#1. Which Skarsgård brother, best known for playing a blood sucker on television, also acted alongside his father in Arn – The Knight Templar

While big brother Alexander is best known for playing vampire Eric Northman on HBO’s True Blood, Bill has played Roman Godfrey on Netflix’s Hemlock Grove since 2013.


#2. While father Stellan was battling Loki in Marvel’s Thor and The Avengers, this Skarsgård sibling was playing the character of Floki on television, possibly a descendent of the real trickster god Loki.

Gustaf Skarsgård plays Floki, a gifted, albeit eccentric, shipbuilder and friend of main character Ragnar on History Channel’s Vikings.


#3. In 2008, Stellan Skarsgård starred in the Swedish produced epic, Arn – The Kingdom at Road’s End. The filming, in fact, was a family affair. Which Skarsgård sibling was not cast in the film?

Big brother Alexander was probably way too busy with the filming of HBO’s True Blood in the USA to join the rest of the family on location in Scandinavia.


#4. In 2012, this proud father welcomed his son, Kolbjörn into the talented Skarsgård clan.

At age 61, Stellan Skarsgård became a father for the 8th time.


#5. This Skarsgård’s first credited Television role was a character named Jan in a Swedish miniseries based on a children’s book that’s title translates to “My friend Percy’s magical sneakers”

This 1991 children’s novel was published in 1991 and subsequently made into a Television miniseries in 1994.


#6. Skarsgård brother Sam (pictured here with his bride Sanna) is the only brother to follow in mom’s footsteps and become which profession?

Sam’s mother My (Stellan’s first wife) is a Doctor.


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