Khal Drogo Cheers on the Moon of His Life, and Are Ben and Jen Getting Back Together?


Kevin Feige explained why Natalie Portman won’t appear in Thor:  Ragnarok, and *Spoiler* it’s surprisingly not because Thor and Jane have no chemistry. Meow! Sorry… (The Mary Sue)

Jason Momoa aka Game of Thrones’ once and former Khal Drogo had a message for Dany after her Sunday performance. (via Mashable)

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are hanging out with their kids in London while he films Justice League, and folks are claiming the pair were “affectionate” toward each other at dinner. Dun dun dun! I always like a nice reconciliation story. (Celebitchy)

Jeff Nichols’ (Mud, Take Shelter, Midnight Special) next film, Loving is already gaining Oscar buzz — and so is Preacher‘s Ruth Negga, who co-stars with Joel Edgerton — and of course, Michael Shannon. (Lainey Gossip)

Speaking of Preacher, you can now watch the first five minutes of Sunday’s premiere episode! Spoilers, obvs. (AMC)

Marion Cotillard continues the Cannes fashion parade…at least, I think it’s fashion. I’m not sure. (Tom + Lorenzo)

This guitarist impressively plays a riff from every Metallica song in the order they were released. (YouTube)

This is amazing; construction crew workers working on Rome’s metro line ran into a little ancient history:  Roman Praetorian guards’ barracks — including 13 skeletons — dating back to the second century. (PHYS.ORG)

Since some of you seem to have a thing for capybaras, let’s end on a ridiculously cute note. Even if I’m still not sure I like them, myself, I’m impressed by their ability to get along with others.  (via Boing Boing)


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