ABC Cancelled Agent Carter for This? We Love Our Hayley, But…


Guys, this is so depressing I can hardly write about it. Über stylish, British bombshell, Peggy Carter loses out to American former first daughter and coke snorter, Hayes Morrison? Please tell me this is a joke. Not only is there character and accent assassination, but aside from Hayley’s natural light and gorgeousness, this looks like every other inane network promo you’ve ever seen. You don’t really know what Conviction‘s about, nor do you care. This also looks like exactly the kind of show that’ll (based on Atwell, alone) nab a few viewers for the premiere, then drop like a bomb and be cancelled by first season’s end. Basically, we’ll have to wait a year for even the possibility of an Atwell-worthy series; I suppose we should spend that time re-watching — and mourning over — Agent Carter.

We may as well start with the trailer’s high points:




That’s it, folks!

Now, do yourself a favor and don’t watch the promo.

I knew you wouldn’t listen to me and now you’re sad, aren’t you? At least we’ll always have Peggy gifs.


Cindy Davis

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