Outlander Preview: Just How Far Will Claire Go to Save Jamie?


***Spoiler Warning:  Outlander Spoilers through Season 2, Episode 6 ahead. Additionally, the preview obviously contains Spoilers for Episode 7. Spoilers!***


Well, isn’t this another fine mess the Frasers have gotten themselves into? After last week’s “Best Laid Schemes” found Jamie taken into custody for dueling with Black Jack Randall — a crime punishable by (isn’t it always?) death — this preview for Episode 7 has Claire offering…something to King Louis, if he’ll only release her man. Not for nothing, but the King (Lionel Lingelser) is absolutely adorable and flirty, BUT Claire is in love and dually married and pregnant. Again, I am only about halfway or so through Diana Gabaldon’s first novel, so I have no idea if Claire would do what’s intimated here, but I suppose offering herself up to save her husband is only fair; Jamie did it for her.

That said, Jamie deserves his fair play turnabout too, and I fully expect Outlander to deliver me that scene!

“Faith” airs this Saturday evening on Starz.

Cindy Davis

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