The Flash Review: Barry Looking On the Bright Side

5-18 barry

The Flash, Season 2, Episode 22 “Invincible”

This was a romp with 55 minutes of light-hearted fun combined five minutes of horror tacked on to the end that sets the stage for the season finale next week. It was nice to see Barry back in his Season 1 mindset even if not everybody was buying what Barry was selling.

Plot Snapshot

The trip through the Speed Force has put Barry in an unshakable state of Zen, even though metahumans are running rampant through Central City. It’s hard not to believe things will work out for the best when you have actually talked to the cosmos and the cosmos says it has your back.

The Big Deal

5-18 happy

After what has been a gloomy season, The Flash returns to its more chipper roots, if just for a little while. Barry is optimistic despite the odds of beating Zoom and his army of superpowered flunkies is long. The team members mistake this Supergirl-like optimism for cockiness. Barry accepts the warnings but it’s impossible to dampen his spirit – and it spreads around Barry’s circle. Caitlin returns to the fold after escaping from Zoom with a little PTSD but is all in on helping. Wally decides to join the fight, mangling a beautiful classic Dodge Charger in the process. Cisco and Caitlin disguise themselves as their Earth 2 doppelgangers to fool this week’s mystery guest villain. Even their solution to the Earth 2 villain problem was a classic “Barry runs around the city really fast while Team Flash Fake Sciences a knockout wave.” It works like a charm and seemingly even sends Zoom into a hidey hole. The success sparks a big dinner at the West abode where Zoom crashes the party and kidnaps one of the guests, Henry. After a chase through the city, they end at Barry’s childhood home and site of his mother’s murder. Knowing this might be the end, Henry says some encouraging words to Barry before Zoom puts his hand through Henry’s chest. We’ll see how Barry’s frame of mind changes next week.

On the Side

5-18 laurel

Finally, The Flash has caught up with Arrow’s timeline, sort of. The big surprise villain this week was Black Siren aka Earth 2’s Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy). Her cry is actually superpowered (and handled better than it was on Arrow) and she is dropping buildings all over Central City on Zoom’s orders. When the team discovers that it is in fact Laurel, we finally get acknowledgement that the folks in Central City know their version of Laurel is dead. Still no mention of the funeral, but it was nice that Catlin said they loved her. Cisco and Caitlin team up to stall Evil Laurel long enough for the Fake Science to work its magic and knock her out. Now there is a Laurel Lance alive on Earth 1, it’s just that she’s really pissed and in a glass cell in the basement of Star Labs.

Observation and Speculation

5-18 wally

*So after a handful of encounters with the Flash Dr. McGee of Mercury Labs figures out Barry’s identity, saying “I’m not stupid.” So what does that make Wally, who had a bunch of encounters with the Flash and even saw Barry run at super speed and it still hasn’t sunk in.

*Nothing like a little 1990s Flash reunion with McGee and Henry making goo goo eyes at each other just like they did on the first Flash series all those years ago.

*There were a lot of “Dad” moments this week with Barry, Wally and Jesse getting heart-to-heart talks on various subjects from their dads.

*You wonder what results those tests on Jesse are going to yield. Caitlin might as well run some tests on Wally while she’s at it.

5-18 cisco

*Cisco vibes of the future jumped straight from The Birds to Independence Day. It is interesting to see Cisco getting more powerful.

*Beats by Wells. I’d buy a pair of those headphones.

*Poor Joe, he’s not even good a fake science. Mock 50, sheesh … please.


5-18 team

This was a pretty standard table setting type episode. It put the hero in a happy place only to pull the rug out from under everything at the end. It didn’t break any new ground, but it was solidly done and effectively builds anticipation for the season finale.

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