Arrow Review: Anarky for the Coming Apocalypse

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Arrow, Season 4, Episode 22 “lost in the Flood”

Arrow took the opportunity to do some character development in this last episode before the season finale. Rubicon was still hanging around as a threat so it takes Felicity, her father and Curtis to beat back Darhk’s best hacker. Of course they can’t sail into the finale without a major twist, thankfully Anarky was already on the scene to make that happen.

Plot Snapshot

The thing about evil plans is that they unravel in the strangest ways. On Arrow, Damien Darhk went full Bond villain with his plan to dominate the world through nuclear holocaust. He had his own underground gated community. He had fields upon fields of GMO corn. Then all it takes is one minion he thought was disposable to mess it all up.

The Big Deal

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After being on the sidelines for most of the season, this episode centered around Felicity making peace with her past. Part one of her past, is her rediscovered relationship with her hacker father, Noah Cutler. Felicity has been trying to keep him at arm’s length since teaming up with him to stop Darhk from unleashing the world’s nuclear arsenal. It’s not easy because a) he is her father and b) they share a bond over computers that she hasn’t had since her evil college boyfriend. And speaking of Cooper Seldon, he just happens to owe Darhk a favor. So, he also leaps out of Felicity’s past to try to unlock Rubicon. Just to make Felicity’s day totally insane, Mama Smoak comes home and starts to bicker with Noah and compete with him for Felicity’s attention. In order to get a break from the bickering, she has to let her mom know she is working with the Arrow, but not Ollie’s identity. Cooper does his best to neutralize Felicity and her team, but thanks to Curtis, they take Cooper out and lock down the Rubicon. There’s time for heart to hearts and hugs for Mama Smoak before Darhk busts in intending to take the whole crew to unlock Rubicon so he gets his fireworks show.

One the Side

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Anarky’s reappearance started as something for Thea to battle while she was trapped down in the Truman Show suburb became something very significant indeed. Anarky manages to slip away while Thea was mourning her dead boyfriend. Around that same time, Ollie and Diggle find the entrance to the underground town and capture everyone’s attention, including a now-drugged Thea. Anarky takes the opportunity to sneak into the city’s control center and capture Ruve Darhk and her daughter with the promise to kill one of them in 20 minutes and blow the place up in 21. Diggle, Ollie and Thea attempt to stop Anarky, but he stabs Ruve in the heart (RIP another Star City mayor) and a stray shot starts a chain reaction that starts bringing the house down around them. The heroes escape with Darhk’s daughter. The events put Damien Darhk in full rampage mode – despite his lifeboat being a smoking crater, he decides to turn the world into a cinder anyway.

Observation and Speculation

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*Darhk makes another classic Bond villain mistake early in the episode. While he’s all brimming with new magic power, he could have snuffed the life out of Ollie and Diggle in any number of ways. Instead he goes straight to the speech and counting on his plan — which has already been largely foiled once – to work and do the job for him.

*Hey Ollie, how quickly we forget those “think happy thoughts” lessons when it comes to countering Darhk’s magic. And you laughed when someone suggested a Sparkles Rainbow Unicorn arrow for your quiver.

*Curtis, good of you to show up. Where were you last week when we needed a widget out of your office? It would have come in handy preventing that small town from getting leveled by that nuke.

*I wonder if Merlyn is happy or angry that Darhk managed to turn The Glades into a smoking crater, which was his plan in Season 1.

*Over in flashback land, now two people are gaining magic powers from the death idol. Gaining magic power through death magic makes you a dick. This concludes this week’s flashback update.

5-19 merlyn

*Merlyn really needs to read different parenting guides. Drugging and hypnotizing your kids is not the way to build a bond with them.

*It must have been a slap to the face for Oliver when that family who fell into the demographic he has been trying to save, didn’t think guns and arrows have been a terribly effective solution. Come to think of it, he’s not wrong. Star City is still a pit of a city.

*The running battle scene was well done, especially the twisting reverse shot Oliver got off during the chase.

*Look at Curtis getting all political about the FBI and phone security.

Words to Live By

“Laurel is dead, because of you.” – Ollie. Not real significant, but this week’s mention of Laurel. Also significant you notice that Alex died last week and they used a stunt guy in a bad wig to play his corpse, yet they keep brining Katie Cassidy back? I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.


5-19 thea

The twist ending raised the stakes and brings the heart of Team Arrow in total danger with Darhk. Much like this week’s Flash this episode set the table for season finale well with some nice action and a dash of character focus thrown in.

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