Shame, Shame, Shame: Game of Thrones‘ Jonathan Pryce May Have Just Blown a Huge Season 6 Scene


**Spoiler Warning! The following post contains Spoilers for Game of Thrones through Season 6, Episode 4, “Book of the Stranger,” and May Also Contain Spoilers for an upcoming episode. Spoilers!***


If you’ll remember one of the minor plot points in last week’s “Book of the Stranger,” following a tense moment where Cersei and Jaime interrupted Olenna and Kevan Lannister’s small council meeting, and the group played their usual antagonistic games…that is until Cersei informed Lady Tyrell that the High Sparrow was planning Margaery’s undignified (and unacceptable) walk of atonement. Next thing you know, the unlikely foursome had made a pact to join forces, and wipe out SparrowWorld™. In that regard, the juicy tidbits Jonathan Pryce (aka “Big Sparrow”) just chirped in an interview with Kawerna are not a total shock, but exactly how things play out is interesting. Translated (somewhat terribly) from Polish by Google, the pertinent paragraphs may be a little wonky, but the gist is clear:  the Great Sept of Baelor is in for a big and terrible Red Wedding-ish surprise.

Everyone is waiting impatiently for the process of Cersei, which will be held in Sepcie. They will present it literally everyone. My character has lost some vigilance – is firmly convinced that Cersei appear at his request.When the messengers informed him that he had not left his house, still he believes that will come to the process, because in his opinion should be there. Meanwhile, behind him, and in the immediate vicinity, last scheming and intrigue chasing intrigue. Tension gradually builds up when the giant Sept fills slowly people – great sparrow is still pleased with the turn of events and is confident that everything is going according to plan. No suspects that the fate in store for him a very unpleasant surprise …

Original text:  Wszyscy czekają z niecierpliwością na proces Cersei, który odbędzie się w Sepcie. Będą na nim obecni dosłownie wszyscy. Mój bohater stracił nieco czujność – jest święcie przekonany, że Cersei stawi się na jego żądanie. Kiedy posłańcy informują go, że nie opuściła swojego domu, nadal wierzy, że przybędzie na proces, bo jego zdaniem powinna tam być. Tymczasem za jego plecami, i to w najbliższym otoczeniu, trwają knowania i intryga goni intrygę. Napięcie stopniowo narasta kiedy olbrzymi Sept wypełnia się powoli ludźmi – Wielki Wróbel jest nadal zadowolony z obrotu sprawy i jest przekonany, że wszystko idzie zgodnie z planem. Nie podejrzewa, że los zgotuje mu bardzo nieprzyjemną niespodziankę…

So, Cersei is expected to present herself at the Great Sept, which is filling up to witness a trial, or some other punishment Sparrow and Co. have thought up. Meanwhile, the Tyrell army prepares to carry out their attack, aided by the Lannister soldiers (who’ll supposedly stand down). Whether or not this means High Sparrow and/or that nasty Septa Unella are transported to the next world, we’re left to wonder (although for those who care to dig further into the interwebosphere, clues can be found), but it sounds like Cersei’s going to get her choice. But, perhaps there’s even more treachery being planned.

The intewebical task force aka Reddit is also on the case of just what the High Sparrow told Tommen — that the young king quietly confessed to his mother — popular speculation is that Loras confessed the Tyrell invovlement in Joffrey’s murder to the High Sparrow; perhaps Cersei and Jaime have cooked up a plan to (surprise!) wipe out the Tyrells at the same time? If that’s what’s about to happen over the course of the next few episodes, it could almost rival the epic Bolton/Snow battle we’re already expecting.

See you this Sunday, for episode 5, “The Door”:  “Tyrion seeks a strange ally. Bran learns a great deal. Brienne goes on a mission. Arya is given a chance to prove herself.

(Via/read more of Pryce’s interview here.)

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