Thor: Ragnarok Wants Your Money With Knockout Cast

5-20 thor

The recently released blockbuster Captain America: Civil War is still raking in box office grosses by the bucket full and has fans in a lather about the upcoming Black Panther and Spider-Man movies.

Not to be overshadowed is next summer’s release of Thor: Ragnarok, which had its cast confirmed by Marvel Studios on Friday.

It was already known that movie was being talked about as a bit of a Thor-Hulk buddy movie which means Chris Hemsworth …

5-20 rain

… and Mark Ruffalo will be reprising their roles.

5-20 hulk

Cate Blanchett was long rumored to be among the cast and it was confirmed today that she will be playing the villain, Hela.

5-20 cate

Tessa Thompson (Creed) was also announced previously but her role as Valkyrie was confirmed in Marvel’s release.

5-20 tesssa

Two previously unannounced names sure to cause rumblings in pants everywhere include Jeff Goldblum as The Grandmaster.

5-20 jeff

And Karl Urban as the tough guy Skurge.

5-20 urban

(It is worth noting that Urban is currently dating Katee Sackhoff, who is frequently included as a potential for the role of Captain Marvel.)

Add in the fact that these two guys are also back for more and that makes for one hell of a cast.

5-20 hiddles

5-20 idris

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters July 28, 2017.

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