After Everything That Happened in Tonight’s Game of Thrones, This Tormund and Brienne Gif Will Make You Feel Better


***Spoiler Warning:  This post contains discussion of tonight’s (5-22-2016)  Game of Thrones episode; if you’ve not yet watched, please back out. Spoilers!***


I know we’re all still reeling from “The Door,” and its myriad revelations, including “Hold the Door” — I’m not crying, YOU’RE CRYING — we need something to hang onto. Even with the death of yet another Stark direwolf, and betrayal, and bad timing, and jarring editing and often terrible dialogue,  there was one gorgeously smooth, transitional moment that stuck in all our brains. This shared moment, caught in time forever, a future memory for the Tormundian grandbabies,  is more than passing glance we can savor forever; it’s one we can turn to time and again during our darkest hours. A man — nay, a WILD GINGERMAN (“That wildling fellow with the beard” ) —  simply cannot help his feelings and lets loose with a giant gingersmile…and Brienne can hardly contain her involuntary, visceral response.



But, we all know what your insides are saying, Brienne of Tarth, and we predict the world is one step closer to those gorgeous gingerbabies of love. Cue Dream Weaver.


Cindy Davis

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