Gillian Anderson Just Broke My Brain



Today on Tumblr, Gillian Anderson — whose mind-blowing performance as Blanche DuBois I was recently lucky enough to witness — took time to answer fan questions. Among the fairly simple reveals:  she enjoys sitting by the ocean or a pool, takes baths with epsom salts to wind down after her Streetcar performances, and her favorite emoji — the The puffer fish  ???

But, there was this one other thing, Anderson’s answer to this query:  “What was the best rumor you ever heard about yourself?” that might just break your brain (it certainly did mine). Recounting that someone had created a certain poster with her as its central figure, Scully answered thusly:


And I was all,


In case you (like me) somehow missed Anderson tweeting that amazing poster out to the world, here it is in all its glory:



After the recent hullaballoo about Daniel Craig leaving the role I’d mentioned a replacement Bond or two, and now I’m kicking myself for not thinking of Gillian first.


And now, back to your regularly scheduled lounging.

Gillian Anderson is currently starring in A Streetcar Named Desire at Brooklyn’s St. Annes Warehouse, alongside Ben Foster and Vanessa Kirby through June 4th.

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Cindy Davis

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