Justin Timberlake Has Early Contender for ‘Song of the Summer’

5-24 JT

Following in the footsteps of the “Harlem Shake,” “Happy” and the ice bucket challenge, Justin Timberlake has thrown his hat into the ring for the mythical title of this year’s song and/or viral craze of the summer.

Timberlake released the upbeat, danceable “Can’t Stop the Feeling” earlier this month. It’s going to be a part of the soundtrack of the animated movie trolls (which Timberlake just so happens to be lending his voice to), which is due out in November.

The song debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and now sits at No. 3 behind tracks from Drake and Panda. To support the single, Timberlake has been making the rounds, most notably an appearance at the Eurovision competition.

5-24 pi

The song already has two videos that Timberlake is a part of; a “first listen” video featuring the cast of Trolls dancing around with Anna Kendrick at her most Kendrickiest.

Then there’s the official video where Timberlake is dressed in all white, eating pie while regular Los Angelinos shake their various groove thangs to JT’s poppy beats.

Needless to say the song has been spawning a few viral videos over the last couple of weeks as well. High schools have jumped in on the act …

As well as some recent college graduates in Milwaukee…

Fitness nuts have joined in …

Regular dancers …

And even Timberlake’s hometown Memphis Grizzlies have made a video.

Consider yourself warned. It doesn’t look like Timberlake’s little slice of musical sunshine is going away any time soon. Your co-workers, kids or church group will want you to participate in a video of their own and the song itself will crawl its way into your brain while you are in the car, at the beach or any other summery destination you might head to now that Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner.

You can either fight it or ride the wave and dance your fool head off.

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