You Don’t Have to Be Scared, You’ve Just Gotta Be Smart: Kyle Chandler Tries to Maintain Control Over Bloodline, Season 2


***Spoiler Warning:  This post contains discussion of Bloodline, Season 1. Spoilers***


Kyle Chandler did a bad, bad thing. You wouldn’t believe that baby-faced guy who we’re used to seeing as Mr. Nice Guy could murder his own brother, and set his family down an endless road of covering it up, but he sure enough did. Well, not exactly Kyle Chandler, but still! It’s his face. Going on (more than) a year later, I can hardly believe it. You could see and feel that moment coming a mile off and yet…as it played out, the actual happening felt like a bad dream…we kept waiting for it to be one.



Most of all, I didn’t want to believe Darth Ben Mendelsohn was gone, and I suppose it’s some consolation that he’s confirmed to be back this season, but one has to wonder the effect the presumably diminished presence of Danny Rayburn will have. That’s not to say he won’t still affect things. Clearly, the nightmare ahead is keeping everyone quiet, and by that I mean, have you ever tried to manipulate a kid into holding secrets? It’s impossible. Whether a parent who doesn’t want your kid to say something in front of someone else, or you remember trying to shut up your little brother before he let loose in front of mom or dad (ask Peter Brady) about something you broke or lost, or that time you snuck out of the house; whatever it is, consider it leaked. Just give it up. That’s what it’s like for John to attempt controlling this murder, especially when it comes to his other hothead brother, Kevin (Norbert Leo Butz). Check this new teaser, where John’s explaining just how complicated the whole mess is, and watch Kevin’s face — because that dude knows he’s a loose cannon.

Two words:  hot mess. So, it’ll be interesting to see exactly how John attempts to handle everyone individually, how he deals with emotional sister, Meg (Linda Cardellini), mom, Sally (Sissy Spacek), and the already suspicious Detective Potts (Frank Hoyt Taylor). Does Wayne Lowry (Glenn Morshower) already know something, and, is Danny’s son Nolan (Owen Teague) a chip off the old block?

Also joining the cast this season is John Leguizamo as Ozzy Delvecchio, and Andrea Riseborough as Evangeline — both characters connected to Danny’s past — and Beau Bridges plays a political figure.

If you missed the full Season 2 trailer, check it here; Bloodline is available to stream beginning this Friday, May 27th.


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