Alien: Covenant Is Getting Very Confusing, But We’ll Still Watch It, Won’t We?


***Spoiler Warning:  Spoilers for Prometheus and set photos from Alien:  Covenant follow. Spoilers***


That header photo via Facebook is a new shot of Katherine Waterston’s Daniels, the presumed heroine and Noomi Rapace’s Alien:  Covenant replacement. One has to wonder if the timeline was changed to reflect Dr. Shaw’s disappearance, since following the events in Prometheus, she was expected to return to foolishly follow that angry Engineer who flew away. Because when you understand — after attending a slaughter party a cave map “invited” you to — that a superior race created and later wanted to destroy humanity, the logical thing to do is follow one of them to ask him more questions. Of course, even an artificially intelligent being knows how idiotic that idea is, and perhaps Noomi Rapace dropped out for other fertile science fiction ground after she realized just what kind of ridiculous story she’d participated in. That’s not to say there was nothing enjoyable about Prometheus (gorgeous!); just that the story went a little off the rails and the characters were mostly idiots, and Ridley Scott never could seem to decide whether it was supposed to be an Alien prequel of any sort. Prometheus started off that way, then wasn’t, then was connected, but not a prequel — and from the Covenant shot up there, it looks like now we’re fully headed back to Alien territory, and Daniels could easily be Ripley (or vice versa). We certainly don’t mind that, but you have to admit things are getting a little convoluted. First Damon Lindelof was involved in a Prometheus sequel, then he wasn’t; first Covenant was going to pull further away from Alien, then it wasn’t (now it’s a full-on Alien film); first there were to be no Xenomorphs, now there are, facehuggers included; first Neill Blomkamp was going to do an Alien 5, now he’s not…at least not until Scott decides he’s done wringing every bit of life from the beast.

According to the current Covenant synopsis, ten years after the Prometheus events, another ship of humans discovers yet another strange planet — which they naturally assume is a paradise (uh-oh, shades of Elizabeth Shaw) — but is actually inhabited only by Michael Fassbender’s David. Based on that alone, perhaps the third installment of this second Alienesque trilogy will double-back, and that’s when we’ll see Rapace return (and of course I’ll eat my words about why she may have left this film). Now you, me and any other fool out there already know there’s no way David is a planet’s only inhabitant (I’d  think Shaw is presumably dead or hiding until the end, when she springs out and yells, “Surprise!” Then an alien bursts from her chest…), but for some reason, even the most educated space movie humans are naive and make decisions based on absolutely nothing, or at least no part of what their education taught them. Obviously, if one is traveling to a planet no one’s ever been to before, one should carefully and thoroughly explore said planet before deciding it’s completely uninhabited by anyone other than a crafty android, whose chip should be immediately deactivated until his full story (oh hey, I tried to bring deadly alien black goo stuff back to our home planet, and to unknowingly impregnate a woman with said black good) is check out, corroborated, and/or disproved. All that said, that’s the way this particular cookie is crumbling, and wild Xenomorphs couldn’t keep me away. I mean, they could, but they won’t. We are Alien fiends, are we not?


Most of us, anyway. And via scified come these ***Spoilerific*** Covenant set photos, which will only ramp up any Alien fiend’s excitement.

Huge tree stumps or the first alien nests?


When Xenomorphs attack…


It looks like these are Engineers; well, they used to be? It reminds me of the bodies the Prometheus crew discovered outside that cave door, all trying to get in before they were killed.


Alien:  Covenant is written by Michael Green, Jack Paglen and John Logan, also stars Danny McBride,Billy Crudup, Demián Bichir, Amy Seimetz, Carmen Ejogo, Callie Hernandez, Alexander England and Jussie Smollett; it starts messing with our brains beginning August 4, 2017.

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