Ridley and Luke Scott’s Morgan Takes Ex Machina to the Next Level; So Does @Oscardances


Looks like we’re in for a dark ride, my friends. If we learned anything from Alex Garland’s Ex Machina, it’s that we cannot control our creations. So, listen to me when I tell you not to go looking at news of robots and genetic engineering and artificial intellingence, because it’ll make you feel as if no one has ever seen 2001, or Battlestar Galactica or…Oscar Isaac dancing. What? Did somebody say something about Oscar Isaac dancing?


Okay, so we did learn something from Oscar Isaac, but I believe we were here about a terrifying trailer. Kate Mara. Paul Giamatti. Toby Jones. A glass room — why are fearsome beings always held in glass rooms where they become even more fearsome? — ooooh, I get it…

Someone created artificial life. Again. Following a “terrible accident,” a risk management expert (Kate Mara) is called in to assess the complicated situation aka Morgan.

Obviously Luke Scott learned everything about mood from his father, and obviously we have learned nothing about creating artificial intelligence and we’re all going to die. But, at least we have Oscar.

See you in robot hell, y’all.

Morgan is coming September 2nd; end times TBA.

Cindy Davis

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