Friday Fashion: Sparkly Stars and a Moony Mélange, That’s What This Week Is Made Of


I wondered if it was just me in love with the sparkly vintage thing lately, but thankfully, NO! Mia Wasikowska’s Alexander McQueen is just about perfect for a Disney premiere, and I love the way it trails into darkness (as any good fairy tale should).


Less perfect is this sparkly starred number on Rose Byrne’s Valentino at the X-Men:  Apocalypse premiere. Overall, she looks pretty, but this shape does nothing for her. I do love the necklace, though.


At first glance, I thought Jenna Coleman’s Burberry was horrible, but the more I’ve stared at it (I’m going through a grey phase)…it’s quite an interesting dress. Still not down with the shoe color, and I wish she’d amped up her make-up a little, but overall I dig it.


The Roots premiere was a mix of fashion highs and lows. Anika Noni Rose looks fantastic in a Georges Chakra gown, though I’m not sold on that one strip of jewels across her chest. Seems like that area could speak for itself.

On the down side, someone might have mentioned to Anna Paquin (in Escada) that she didn’t have to actually dress like a sparkly plantation owner.


Erica Tazel’s Chiara Boni has a futuristic vibe, and I really dig the print.


But uh…Jonathan Rhys Meyers went a little too casual. Dude, you’re pretty — we know — but maybe put on the actual overshirt next time.


I know this is a fashion post, but I don’t much care what Mario Van Peebles and his son Mandela are wearing. Holy, WOW. I mean, sharp suits, gentlemen.


Love Krysten Ritter’s whole look; fabulous dress by Cushnie Et Ochs.


Emilia Clarke is somehow working this Ulyana Sergeenko, but the dress itself is not in the least flattering. Personally, I’d chop it into doilies and throw them around grandmother’s house.


So yeah, porny Mary Poppins cosplay; I think I get it, Rihanna. But, isn’t this an inside Gucci outfit?


Oh Kylie! I don’t even know what to say other than, Michaels’ embellishments* are for home-wear, not charity events. You’re still so pretty…

*actually, Dolce & Gabbana.

Let’s end on an up note, with consistently adorable (that header photo!) Rami Malek. I don’t know if I’ve ever liked a brown suit in my life, but Rami looks damned sharp in this one.


Christian Slater though; this grey number does him well.


Helloooooo, McAvoy. Your grey is doing something to me.




Happy Friday, y’all!

Cindy Davis

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