In Today’s Happy Fargo News, Kissing Co-Stars We Didn’t Know Were a Thing


Holy, are we losing our touch out here in Celebrity Couple WatchLand? Last week, news broke that Gilmore Girls‘ Alexis Bledel and Mad Men‘s Vincent Kartheiser  (to be fair, Bledel was also on Mad Men, hence their meet cute) had a baby, and though we knew they were married, I don’t know anyone who knew little Rory (in the middle of a GG re-watch, I can only see her as Rory) was pregnant. Oh, and by the by, in case you also missed it, Felicity aka The Americans‘ Elizabeth Jennings aka Keri Russell also just had a baby with her partner and costar, Matthew Rhys. Got all that? Well, get ready for even more secret — I think — happy news, because a couple of Fargo costars have also fallen in…at least like with each other. Over the holiday weekend, none other than Peggy and Ed Blumquist aka Kirsten Dunst and Todd Jesse Plemons were seen out and about together, and certain gossip sites even have pics of them smooching. But, y’all know how inoffensive and sensitive we want to be to our celebrities, so I’ll just link to those kissy shots if you feel you need proof positive. That said, YAY! Ed and Pegs are a real life couple! This is almost as good news as Fargo, Season 3’s Ewan x2!

Join me in my cheers, and pardon me while I run off to find out which other celebrities we don’t know are dating or popping out little celebrity babies.




photos via TDM

Cindy Davis

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