Clever Man, Indeed: Iain Glen Has a New Series in Which He Plays Ser Jorah Mormont’s Polar Opposite


We must have been good people this week. Hayley Atwell is talking about reviving Agent Carter and her own Marvel movie; Gillian Anderson might actually have a shot at a Bond film — which could score a female director — and Rogue One has not fallen into despair! It’s starting to feel like Your Dreams Are All Coming True Day around Oohlo.

Next up in news about those we adore and need more of is Iain Glen, aka Game of Thrones‘ Jorah Mormont, whose new (uh oh?) series premieres on the Sundance channel tonight (June 1) at 10 pm EST. Who knew? Clever man that he is — damn that greyscale — Glen’s not leaving all his eggs in that one basket and in Cleverman, we’ll see yet another of the actor’s sides in a besuited billionaire tycoon (and sometimes medical minister to supernatural folk) named Jarrod Slade (I do like these unusual J names). Cobbling together snippets about this joint Australian/New Zealand/American miniseries adventure described as “the first indigenous Australian superhero show,” Cleverman combines elements of science fiction and dystopian futures with fantasy and mythology. At the same time, current themes of racism and border control run through a story of two brothers reunited after a long separation, and fighting for survival. Series creator Ryan Griffen found his inspiration reliving his own childhood games, and dreamed up the series’ Aboriginal superhero for his young son. Iain Glen likens Aboriginal “Clevermen” to Thrones’ Three-Eyed Raven — with supernatural power to see other worlds or realities. As for the “Hairys” aka Hairypeople — well, they seem to be a cross between Australia’s Gamilaroi, and Thrones‘ Children of the Forest — “…they’re a formidable physical force, but they also have a spiritual profundity, which is perhaps not available to most normal humans. They seem to be in touch with a spiritual world, a world that they can see and we cannot. (Glen)

I’m curious to see more of the great stunts Glen performs (with help),


that left him feeling less adept than he is with Ser Jorah’s sword, and I love the District 9 (“subhumans” = “fookin’ prawns”) vibe of this trailer.

Cleverman also stars Hunter Page-Lochard, Stef Dawson and Ryan Corr, and will air on Australia ABC (June 2nd) and BBC3.

Cindy Davis

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