Hayley Atwell is Ready for Peggy to Get Her Own Marvel Film and Will Do “Whatever It Takes” to Bring Back Agent Carter


During her panel at Orlando’s Megacon 2016, the fabulous (and sorely missed) Hayley Atwell wistfully spoke about what might have been — Agent Carter Season 3. Unfortunately, ABC foolishly cancelled the series just as it hit its prime, in favor of Conviction, that load of crap generic series you’ve seen a hundred times before.

As she intriguingly mentions, Carter‘s showrunners had plans to explore Peggy’s past and her family, possibly with an unexpected turn.

There was talk of season 3 going further back in her past, [maybe] a possible twist I suppose into the family. They suggested more like it would have to do more with my brother.”

Phew! We don’t need any other strange developments to our favorite characters…especially if Peggy gets a Marvel film. SAY WHAT? Yes, Hayley did mention that Carter’s founding of S.H.I.E.L.D. would be a great exploration for “my own movie.”

Fans also captured Hayley’s live reaction (she’d not heard the news) to that awful, new Captain America comic revelation.



But of the best reveals, Atwell affirmed she’s completely down with the rallying cry for Netflix — or any other network — to pick up Agent Carter.

Clearly, Hayley knows Peggy’s worth; come on Netflix, give us back our girl! Life just hasn’t been the same without her.


Via/see more of Atwell’s panel videos here and here.

Cindy Davis

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