Pop In for a Few Tasty Newsnacks That’ll Pair Nicely with Your Hump Day Evening Libations


Happy Hump Day…er Evening…er, that sounds dirtier than I mean it to, but it’s YOUR Humperiod, so do what you like. Certainly, you’re relaxing in front of the *insert device here* and drinking your favorite libation, and that makes it a perfect time for a sound bite or two. In no very particular order, here are your tasty evening newsnacks. CHOW DOWN.

On This, the 25th Anniversary of Diana Gabaldon’s First Book, Starz Has Renewed Outlander for Seasons 3 and 4.


Yes, if you watch the show, you know that’s a terrible gif I’m using. Nonetheless, who could be happier than Black Jack Randall that he’ll (presumably) go on terrorizing the Frasers for the foreseeable future. No, I’m not that far in the book series, so I’ve no idea how long he actually lasts, but it’s hard to imagine the show without Tobias Menzies. As for Claire and Jamie, presumably their hearts will go oooooon. At least, I hope they do, because hot damn, are they a gorgeous pairing!

Outlander‘s next season will cover events in Diana Gabaldon’s Voyager, and its fourth series moves on to Drums of Autumn. (Variety)

Similarly, Showtime Announced Homeland Is on the Verge of Renewal for Seasons 7 and 8, with One Caveat…


Though the entire cast is about to sign on the dotted line (including Rupert Friend!), Homeland won’t return with its 6th outing until January, 2017. Coming off the high of its fifth season return to form (the Brodys are long gone), the extended break is to give the writers and showrunner Alex Gansa time to decide which direction the series will head. As long as they’ve got Quinn, Saul and Dar Adal — and for Season 6, they do — all is well…or should I say, not well, but in good hands. (THR)

To Commemorate the Fifteenth Anniversary of Six Feet Under‘s Debut, HBO Will Air the Entire Series. 


And…suddenly I want nothing more than to spend four days crying? That’s right; starting tomorrow  — Thursday, June 2nd — HBO2 will run a 63 episode Fisher family marathon straight through to its devastating Sunday evening conclusion, when Sia’s Breathe will kill us all over again. Does that sound like a fun weekend, or what?


C’mon, you know you need your sinuses cleared out. (HBO)

There’s Excellent (If Not Still Mildly Heartbreaking) Captain Marvel News.


The frontrunner to play Carol Danvers in Marvel’s upcoming superhero film, being written by Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Nicole Perlman and Inside Out‘s Meg LeFauve, is newly Academy Awarded, Brie Larson. All we need now is a great female director and this kickass, girl-powered film will be on its way. Well, that and some tissues to mourn over Katee Sackhoof not getting a role she’s perfect for, but we can’t be unhappy over Larson if she’s chosen — in fact, there’s no doubt she’s an excellent choice. (Variety)


Happy Hump Da..Eve..ing, y’all.

Cindy Davis

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