The Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Cast Just Keeps Getting Better


A couple days ago, we got our first look at the grown-up Cursed Child actors who’ll star as Harry, Ginny and Albus Potter at London’s Palace Theater, beginning this July. So far the casting looks positively perfect, including the Malfoys and the Granger-Weasleys, whose photos have just been released. Here’s a look at the House Slytherin fellows.

Draco Malfoy as played by Tom Felton and Alex Price:


Scorpius Malfoy as played by Bertie Gilbert and Anthony Boyle:

Father and Son:


Pretty great, no?

And, no HP production would be complete without a bit of Ron…

Ron Weasley as played by Rupert Grint and Paul Thornley:


Hermione Granger as played by Emma Watson and Noma Dumezweni:


Rose Granger-Weasley as played by Helena Barlow and Cherrelle Skeete:


The Granger-Weasley family:


Gorgeous! And finally, here’s a quick behind the Cursed Child scenes video, via Twitter; I love how excited Jamie Parker (who plays Harry) is.

I have got to find a way to see this.



Cindy Davis

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