Is Jon Snow In Trouble Again? This Is An Important Announcement from the Kit Harington Emergency Alert System


***Spoiler Warning:  This post contains Kit Harington Spoilers Through 2016. Spoilers***

Firstly, a note from the editor:  Please remember this is a no ogling zone. I know Kit Harington is lovely and he has pretty hairs, but please be respectful of this actor’s other attributes and skills. We here at Oohlo have pledged we shall not be sexist against men. Violators of Oohlo policy shall be…well, let’s face it, nothing’s really going to happen. But, I hope at the least, you’ll feel terribly about yourself. Moving right along, this is an important broadcast from the Kit Harington Emergency Alert System (KHEAS).

Yesterday, Mr. Harington was spotted out and about in London, where he’s performing in the stage production of Doctor Faustus, and fans taking photos with the actor noticed something a little different. I’m so sorry to inform you that…I do believe Kit is wearing guyliner. Prepare yourself.


Wait, something else is different, isn’t it?


(photos via Twitter)

Well, either this means Jon Snow is in trouble again — and we’re in uncharted (off-book) territory, so who knows? — or, it means absolutely nothing. Series 6 is done filming, and pardon me if I note that Snow’s beard isn’t all that full; Harington can easily grow back what is at the moment, gone.


And, since Season 7 is rumored — apparently confirmed by Jack Bender — to be a mere seven episodes short, who knows if Snow will even be in it? For all we know, B & W will hold the best stuff for the back half of that season, whenever it actually airs. After all, they seem to be doing exactly that with the rest of that Tower of Joy scene.

That’s it, folks. This concludes the important announcement from the KHEAS. You may now resume your regular activities.

Cindy Davis

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