We’re Already Inside The Matrix: Is Elon Musk Crazy Paranoid, or Just Plain Crazy?


Look, you probably already know how bananas I am about robots, Artificial Intelligence and general Skynettery; I’m a tin-hatter, for sure. Between reading and watching too much science fiction (NO SUCH THING), and keeping an eye on outfits like Boston Dynamics — which seems hell bent on wiping out the entire human race —  I’m pretty much in a panic about the robopocalypse 24/7. I know crazy*. But, watching Elon Musk (who’s a fellow A.I. alarmist) speak at the 2016 Code Conference about gaming, virtual reality, and the odds that we are already in The Matrix has left me feeling pretty sane. This guy is smart, right? He’s created multiple concept companies, made thorough plans to colonize Mars, his Hyperloop transportation system is already in testing mode, and he’s been recognized by everyone from the National Space Society to Time, to Global Green and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. So, tell me what is happening as you listen to him answer questions about whether we — as in, all people — are living in reality, or if we are inside some Matrix-like creation, pawns in a simulated world of some advanced civilization’s making. Don’t forget to watch the faces on those around him, incredulously listening, and wondering like me, “Is this guy for real?”

Asked by the audience member:  “Maybe we’re in the simulation…have you thought about this?”








Don’t take my sound bite gifs’ words for it though; you need to listen to this for yourself.

Clearly, I can’t be trusted; I’ll buy into anything.



So, what do you guys think? Are we already inside?


*for the purposes of this piece, “crazy” is not a comment on mental stability; it’s just wackadoodle like me.

Cindy Davis

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