Does Casting This Daryl Hannah Lookalike in the Blade Runner Sequel Mean Pris Could Be Resurrected?


Well now, things are getting very interesting with Ridley Scott’s long-gestating, unnecessary, but nonetheless intriguing Blade Runner sequel. Thankfully, he’s not directing this one, because if you’ve ever read about the original’s process or watched the DVD commentary…well, let’s just say it was bananas crazy, and with all due respect, Scott may be just a little anal. Whatever our feelings about a sequel it is happening, so the way I see it, we may as well sit back and try to enjoy the ride. With Denis Villeneuve (Sicario, Enemy) at the helm, Hampton Fancher and Michael Green wrting, Roger Deakins filming, Harrison Ford returning and Sir Ridley on standby to protest, or pat backs at will, what more could we ask for? Robin Wright, you say? Sure, she’s on board. What about Mr. Nice Guy, Ryan Gosling (sans Russell Crowe, sorry ’bout that)? Ayup, he’s all in, and so is Drax aka Dave Bautista. That’s a helluva group of people, right?


I know, I know…needs more Roy AND Rutger Hauer, *sigh*

Moving right along, here’s the actress just announced; Halt and Catch Fire‘s most excellent (even if no one’s still watching that show) Mackenzie Davis. As soon as I read the news, some little thoughts began percolating in my tiny brain…thoughts like, “Hey, she looks a heck of a lot like Daryl Hannah.”


And then I was thinking, “But hey, Deckard killed Pris” and I ran off to check my memory. It sure does look like…


Then again, it’s awfully dark in that gif. A couple of screencaps brightened up lend credence to our Pris is dead (so to speak) belief. Here’s Deckard’s first shot hitting (note the abdominal area),


and the final shot, after which Pris stays (finally!) down.


But still, what’s to stop a girl from being resurrected, or even having been mass-produced (Rachel and Pris were the same model)? Is is possible to clone a replicant? (Since there is biological material involved, it is plausible.) So, that’s my theory:  Mackenzie Davis will play either a Pris clone/double, or more than one Pris was created and Davis is Pris 2.0.


Go ahead, call me crazy. Just please do it quietly, so I don’t hear.


Cindy Davis

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