To Celebrate National Best Friends Day, Here Are My 5 Imaginary Celebrity BFFs


Gillian Anderson

She’s smart, she’s beautiful, she’s open to dating women (what a coincidence; I’m a woman!), and she’ll probably be the next Bond. I saw her onstage in Brooklyn and was so close I could have reached out and touched her — but of course, I didn’t, because boundaries — I’m almost sure she looked right at me, once. We’re practically BFFs already.


Gwendoline Christie


I have a lot of impromptu dance parties at my house, especially in the kitchen, and I feel like Gwendoline would be totally into that. Plus, we both love Star Wars and imitating Chewie, and we could have in-depth discussions about Brienne and Tormund Lustybane (RAWR). tormund-brienn


Idris Elba


Okay, I’m not going to lie; I partially want to hang out with Idris because…well, you know. But, also, I feel like we would have a lot in common. He likes clothes, I like clothes. He likes to rap, I rap to my kids all the time (granted, it’s not real rap — more like mom rap, but still). He probably likes to look in the mirror, and I like to look at him. I don’t even need to keep going with this, do I?

Tom Hiddleston


For real, this one is purely, totally platonic. I mean it. The Hiddles is just so funny, and we have the same sense of humor. Like Gwendoline, he’d be perfect for my kitchen dance parties and I could give him advice about chicks, or if he’s still into the Hemsworth, I can swing my advice the bromance way. We both like Shakespeare, and I could help him run lines — we head out to the patio and grab a few rays together while we chat.


Oh…well, there’s that.

Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen (yes, they count as one)


Because, oh the stories they could tell! And sometimes there’s nothing better than sitting back with a pint and listening to your friends tell great tales.

Happy National Best Friends Day!

Who are your (imaginary) celebrity BFFs?



Cindy Davis

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