Sheer Perfection to Regretful Mentions: Must Be Fashion Friday


Krysten Ritter is stunning and she knows it, in this lacy-hot Julian MacDonald dress. Holy wow.



OH.MY.GODS. If ever you forget about Skarsgård, even for just a minute or two, he pops right up to reclaim his spot in your brain. That is a sharp (Tom Ford) jacket, and that Skarstance says, “I know exactly what you’re thinking.”



Ruth Negga is sheer perfection in Rodarte. Let’s face it, she’s sheer perfection in everything.



Va-va-voom. Laverne Cox is killing it in a Leanne Marshall tiered number. I think it could have easily gone all Little House on the Prairie, but the wrapped top changes the whole look.



I don’t know how Sophie Turner is pulling off this Kenzo, but I think she is. It has a military jacket look, and it feels like I should not like it, but on her, I do.



Likewise, I don’t love Lupita’s Oscar de la Renta — the top is great — but she’s working it like she does everything.



This blue is a great color on Patrick Wilson, but the tie has to go.



I’ve been mostly digging the sheer thing lately, but this Antonio Marras is not working for Carla. It looks like she threw on a robe over her teddy, and don’t even get me started on that feathered collar thing.



Do you guys remember when everything Nicole Kidman wore was (ahem) to die for? I regret that I must inform you…um, not so much anymore. This is a Michael Kors getup and it really does nothing for her, though it does make me think of Elaine on Seinfeld saying “Ooh-hoo witch-ay woman…” Plus, I’m sobbing over the hair.



This Rodarte isn’t much better, though I guess it’s more interesting?



Oh gods, you guys…Jenna Coleman is only 30 (I thought she was early-mid 20s)! I’m pretty sure GG‘s Blanche has this (Chloé) dress in her closet, only without the rainbow rainbow confetti glued on.




Since I prefer to end on an up not, here’s Beyoncé in an amazing Gucci suit, with Jay Z and little Blue Ivy. The family attended the CFDAs, where Beyoncé was honored with the Icon award. Fabulous.


Happy Friday, y’all.

Cindy Davis

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