Netflix Gets Competition in the Marvel Comic Series Game; Another Female Heroine Gets Her Own Series


Last night, I temporarily subscribed to Cinemax because crafty Robert Kirkman’s Outcast series is that good. If you’re at all into possession and Exorcistic horror, I highly recommend checking out the pilot — and I’m pretty sure you’ll be convinced to watch. Patrick Fugit is brilliant and haunting; I’m adding him to my list of sublime actors (Dillahunt, McClarnon, Young) who communicate everything through facial expression, with few to no words. His (Kyle Barnes’) childhood flashbacks are simply terrifying…and throughout each hour, you’ll find yourself veering between terror and heartbreak and, oh just watch. It looks like I’ll have to extend that subscription somewhere in the near future, because Cinemax is giving Netflix competition with the Marvel television series world.

At Austin’s ATX Television festival, Brian Michael Bendis (Daredevil, Alias, Powers) mentioned his Icon series, Scarlet is being developed at the HBO subsidiary. Set in Portland, OR, the series follows a red-headed vigilante named Scarlet Rue who, after surviving an attack by a corrupt cop decides she’s going to change her world; “spark a new American revolution” (sounds like the kind of person we could use right now). The character is known for breaking the fourth wall, and readers seem absolutely smitten with her.

I do a book called Scarlet, which is soon to be announced also in our universe of television. Not announced yet, but HBO. [It’s] at the earliest stage; the team around it… will be announced as soon as all are on the same page.” [Bendis]

Looks like I have another comic to catch up on.



Art by Alex Maleev

Next up…dreamcasting.


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