Game of Thrones Clues: Which Valonqar Will Wrap His Hands Around Cersei Lannister’s Pale, White Throat?

Game of Thrones

***Spoiler Warning:  This post contains Game of Thrones spoilers through Season 6 and Song of Ice and Fire discussion. Spoilers***


There’s a lot of talk and theorizing going on right now about what’s going to happen in the Game of Thrones Season 6 finale. Since Jonathan Pryce may have already spoiled a big scene, and HBO also seems to have given a small hint about the goings-on, book readers and non are trying to figure out a few things. The stage is set for a big finale event:  Cersei’s about to be tried by the Faith. As alluded to in an earlier scene during “Book of the Stranger“, the planned attack on the Great Sept to stop Margaery from having to do a walk of atonement (which Margaery slyly circumvented, herself) will likely happen in this season’s final episode, “The Winds of Winter”. This past week during “No One“, when Tommen declared she would to have to stand trial, Cersei quietly conferred with Qyburn about a rumor he’d been investigating, to which he replied “more, much more” — likely referring to Wildfire, said to be hidden beneath the city by King Aerys (aka the Mad King). Putting together all the clues, we can probably assume that instead of suffering a trial by the Faith, Cersei is going to have the sept attacked, and/or burned to the ground.

In George R. R. Martin’s books, by now Cersei and Jaime have been long separated and Jaime has abandoned his sister completely, having heard that his cousin Lancel had slept with Cersei. On the show, Jaime and Cersei have become close again, with Jaime having just (in “No One”) given Edmure Tully an impassioned speech about his beloved sister, and how nothing mattered to Jaime but getting back to Cersei. In order to reconcile the divergent storylines as fans would seem to want, theories range from Jaime killing Cersei to stop her (as he did the Mad King) from burning down King’s Landing, to Jaime killing Cersei because she accidentally causes Tommen’s death with the attack. It’s also a possibility that Cersei believes her last son (child) is already lost to her; if you watched her face during Tommen’s proclamation, it’s clear Cersei was completely crushed by the King turning against, and away from his mother. In light of that, and if Tommen stands by as she is about to be tried and sentenced, Cersei might even purposefully sacrifice her son. Again, after Jaime’s impassioned words to Edmure about Cersei and Catelyn Stark being the “fiercest”, most protective mothers he’s ever known, it’s not difficult to imagine Jaime finding his last child dead, and then fulfilling Maggy the Frog’s “valonqar” prophecy, murdering Cersei.

Cersei: Will the king and I have children?
Maggy: Oh, aye. Six-and-ten for him, and three for you. Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds, she said. And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.

However, there is one more small detail to take into account. Another “little brother” has thrown a bit of a wrench into the theorizing works.


Back at the cast-attended Season 6 premiere, Peter Dinklage was interviewed on the red carpet, and during this clip, he seemingly alludes to that same prophecy in an interesting way. At the 3:33 mark, the interviewer asks Dinklage if he misses scenes with Cersei, and if we’ll get to see Tyrion with her again in the future.


Oh I think…I think it’s uh, predetermined that they’re gonna meet each other again.”

It could be that Cersei’s own belief, that Tyrion will kill her, is true. At the very least, it would seem that Cersei will live through to another season, because unless Tyrion is riding from Meereen on one of Daenerys’ dragons, it’s unlikely he’ll be back in King’s Landing by this season’s finale.


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