HBO Didn’t Reveal Any Final Game of Thrones Season Six Episode Clues, But Their Emmy Submissions Did, Plus, Does Jaime Love Brienne?


In HBO’s official press information for GoT Season 6 penultimate episode and finale sent out yesterday, all that was included were the episode titles:  “Battle of the Bastards” and “The Winds of Winter”, and actor and director — “Hardhome’s” Miguel Sapochnik — credits, and air dates. However, the cable network have already submitted Emmy reels for both episodes, and in the descriptive information, there are clues. There’s nothing earth-shattering that you mightn’t already have guessed, but just in case you fell into this post by accident, here’s your obligatory…

***Spoiler Warning:  Mild Spoilers for Game of Thrones through the Season 6 finale ahead. Spoilers***

If you hadn’t already guessed what’s coming in episode 9, surely you haven’t seen the excellent preview. In HBO’s Emmy submission for writing (David Benioff, Dan Weiss), directing (Miguel Sapochnik), editing, visual effects, sound mixing, hair styling and make-up, the cryptic clue included is:

Terms of surrender are rejected and accepted.”

Obviously the big question here is, who’s doing the accepting and rejecting?



I’m also intrigued by this Davos scene; is this when he discovers Melisandre’s part in Shireen’s death? After all, it hasn’t yet been addressed, and Liam Cunningham did intimate his character would eventually come to realize…


The June 26th Season 6 finale is titled after George R.R. Martin’s next book in the Ice and Fire series, “The Winds of Winter”. High Sparrow, Jonathan Pryce may have unintentionally spoiled already, the climactic events of the episode; nonetheless, I expect at least this portion will leave us breathless:

Cersei faces her trial”

Of course, anyone paying attention realizes there’s no way a Lannister goes down without a fight; the big unknown here is:  will The Hound (presumably headed north with new pals, the Brotherhood without Banners) somehow make his way to the Great Sept and come up against his brother — is there still a chance for Cleganebowl? Hell if I know, but I wouldn’t mind seeing this happen again:

“The Winds of Winter” has been submitted for Emmy consideration in the categories of cinematography and costumes.

Now, you may be asking yourself, but what about the love stories? Will Tormund Lustybane ever set eyes on his sweet Brienne again?


Would Brienne even consider the ginger Wildling, or does her heart belong to another? Did Jaime feel something other than knightly respect toward our heroine as he wistfully waved goodbye? According to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, the answer is a slightly surprising, YES.

She fulfilled her oath and the job was done, and she hands it to him and he says, ‘It’s yours—it will always be yours,’ and it’s his way of saying, ‘You’ll have my heart—you’ll always have it.’ It’s so sweet, and then a second later she says that if the shit hits the fan, she’s going to have to fight him, and we all know that means she’s going to kill him because he doesn’t stand a chance against her. I just love that because clearly they don’t want that result to happen, but they’re so caught up in being very, very loyal, honorable people to whatever cause they’re fighting for. For her, it’s being loyal to the Stark Family, and for him, it’s to the Lannisters.

I think there are strong emotions. There’s love there. I think it’s one of the purest forms of love that Jaime’s experienced. The fact that he risks his life to save her from the bear attack, as well as when he stops the rape of her—and loses his hand because of that—is powerful. In the bathtub scene, he opened up to her and told her things he hadn’t told anyone, including the truth of why he killed the Mad King and the enormity of that trauma. For her to embrace him after that was, as I see it, an act of love.

Looks like Tormund has his work cut out for him.




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